2021 Art Portfolio

This portfolio serves as an overview of my artistic accomplishments, projects, and completed artworks.


Painting is one of my preferred personal mediums as it allows me free self expression. I continue to redefine my painting capabilities as I explore a myriad of styles including landscape, abstract, text-based, environmental awareness, social practice, and social inclusivity.


Recycled acrylic and latex paint on recycled board, 3 x 4', 2020

An evocative illustration of qualities of a dreamworld. This work uses dream-like imagery to emphasize the idea that human consciousness is unbound by the idea of monetary cost. Subjects of focus include undying monetization, critique of capitalism, the importance of persistent imagination, and escaping a capital-centric world through the ever accessible dream world.

"Drippy" Series

4 Paintings, Recycled acrylic and latex paint on canvas, 2020

Employing abstraction, texture, and color contrast dialogue to enliven the duality of lucid transcendence and gravity, a force always affecting weight. Subjects of focus include depicting weight and weightlessness, creativity, and expansion of the mental landscape.

Drippy Desire

Recycled acrylic and latex paint on canvas, 2020

This painting was selected and is currently on display (as of January 2021) in the Nevada County building in Truckee, CA in the County Supervisor's office in participation with a county initiative to connect with local artists.


This work explores the significance of the water cycle. The text on the painting "Exolvuntur" is a latin word meaning "cycle."

Paint on board, hand-build frame, recycled materials, 2021

Theory of Connectivity

Six 1x1.5' panels, acrylic paint, pigments, coffee, wine on multimedia paper, hand-built wood frames, 2019


Recycled latex paint on found board, 4 x 4', 2020

Using abstraction, detail, texture, and color contrasting to demonstrate the dramatic complexity of Lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, this painting's subjects of focus include environmental importance, impactful wilderness recreation, and psychedelic perspective.

I Can

Acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 4x4', 2018

This painting includes texture created by dipping my fists into pink paint and punching the canvas, later to dry and be spray painted. The work centers on topics of contemporary artwork, artist activism, and personal agency.

Magnolia Season

Acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 3 x 4', 2019

Painted in the early California spring of 2019, this painting awakens the sensation of spring time. Subjects of focus include femininity in nature, ephemerality, and floral seasonality.


Recycled latex paint on board, 1 x 1', 2020

Quarantined Colab

Recycled acrylic and latex paint on canvas, 2 x 3', 2020

Costarricense Mae

Recycled latex paint and spray paint on canvas, 2 x 3', 2020


This review of projects I have worked on highlights artistic efforts that span more than one individual work. As an artist, I am constantly seeking opportunities to expand upon ideas, collaborate, seeking opportunities within my communities, and inventing new ideas for social practice work.

"Don't Trash It" Series

Site-specific collaborative project, paint on board, recycled materials, 2018-ongoing

This project is a collaborative effort to bring awareness to the responsibility we all share to act as stewards of the outdoor spaces we love. By posting in public spaces and inviting collaborators to order their own free signage, ‘Don’t Trash It’ aims to evoke this participatory relationship with recreational spaces, and therefore further unite people to protect the earth. There remains room for evolution and continued collaboration,


Performance, photography, and artist intervention, 2019

This project spans performance art, photography, and artist intervention. Topics including spontaneous performance, play, artist intervention and light abstraction are explored here, where a group of individuals all dressed as "alternative egos" explore a space engaging with various dimensions of light, interacting spontaneously with each other's "alternative egos."


Experimental artistic endeavors inspire me to expand my own understanding of what the art field is and can be. Trying out new ideas in unconventional, unexpected mediums is thrilling. The contemporary art world draws me in to collaborate and challenges me to reinvent.

Fertilization in Progress

Social practice installation, found and made everyday objects, 2019

This is a site-specific, social practice installation that critiques institutions that maintain investments in the fossil fuel industry in light of the many threats presented by climate change. The art materials of three red gas containers, a burlap sack, money, and a caution sign are used to create the evocation of the fertilization process of a fruit tree. Instead of nutrient fertilizer we use coins, and instead of fruit we use a symbol for oil, the gas can. This pairing of materials suggests a negative feedback-loop in which the money produces the gas, toxic to life (the tree), and the gas produces the money, and from there the toxicity continues in a cyclical manner.


Site-specific experiment, bleached flour on soil, 2019

This art experiment uses text and site-specificity to unwind the ambiguities of harmful pesticide usage within our food systems. The word "glyphosate" is kitchen flour produced with this chemical, placed within a productive garden bed, evoking the pervasive nature of toxic chemicals such as this one. There were numerous iterations of the usage of a word, one symbolizing a substance having physical effects, in a 3D form, yet the location of this iteration best expresses the intention.

Dissect the Calendar

Instructional installation, Calendar, scissors, and instructions, 2019

This interactive installation was displayed in a museum setting where the public viewership was invited to explore the meaning of a calendar as a destructible object. Participants cut out dates, made deep cuts, and even cut the strings that suspend the calendar object in space throughout the exhibition. This work explores concepts of constructed time.

Paper Garment Experiment

Sculpture as performance, black paper, 2019

This performance and material-based art experiment explores the diversity of wearable materials. Through rethinking clothing materials and using an unconventional material like paper, we can find new ways to envision potentials of clothing. This work considers alternatives to conventional clothing, clothing industry shortcomings like environmental waste, and perception of human image.

The Female by Media

In this art experiment, I collected the print form of the US's most popular health and fitness magazines to explore how they portrayed the forms of female and male bodies. Using collage, I positioned the found images to create forms that seemed to illustrate the intended audiences these media outlets targeted when addressing human health.

The Male by Media

Collage, found images on paper, 2019

One Job: Paint to the Beat

This collaboration experiment evolved from rap artist, Desiree Harris, and I writing each other instructions, and making based on work previously made by one another. This painting resulted and was influenced by her music.

Collaboration experiment, paint on paper, 2019


I have recently begun cultivating my practice in videography. I find this ever-expanding field diverse in form and message, therefore I am eager to continue to implement video projects into my art practice.

Blue Light

This experimental documentary is a research-based project that resulted from a comprehensive academic literature review on the impacts of blue light within a mediation setting. There are ancient theories that speak about "Blue Light Meditation" as a breakthrough moment, yet as I explore the science, I found a gap in research wherein lies existential questions regarding the shortcomings of science in the field of consciousness research.

The production of this video was my term project in an independent study college course exploring Photography and Videography.


Article Feature in Sierra Sun Newspaper:

"Truckee artist promotes awareness, inclusivity"

Raley's ONE Local Artist Spotlight

Voted Truckee, CA's #1 "Favorite Artist" 3-month on-site exhibition of 4 works

Saint Mary's College of CA: Art Department

Recognized as Outstanding Graduating Student, Cum Laude Honors

Saint Mary's College of CA: Museum of Art

Contributing work in three exhibitions