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Based in North Lake Tahoe, California, Hope Sabrina Huber continues to define herself as a contemporary visual and conceptual artist. This dynamic artist received a BA in Earth and Environmental Studies with a minor degree in Art History from Saint Mary’s College of California in 2019. Since, she has been developing career experience and new methodologies of her artwork in the Lake Tahoe and Truckee area.

Hope is a multifaceted individual, dipping into professional industries like marketing, design, client communication, involving herself in nonprofits organizations, as well as devoting time to her own art practice. Hope is an ambitious thinker and doer. She is working toward a career in environmental law where she will focus on combating environmental injustice. Her art practice is largely informed by her values and passion for advocacy on issues relating to human, animal, and environmental rights. Mediums she has worked in span from painting to social sculpture to experimental videography and photography.

Collaboration and community are at the center of Hope’s vision for an artistically-evolved world, that is one that harnesses the power of art to collectively internalize truths and enact change on afflictions plaguing our success as peaceful creatures of earth.

Projects she has been artistically involved with in the past include gallery exhibitions at the SMC Museum of Art, SMC student-run exhibitions like the “Eco Art Show,” acting as a Program Director at North Tahoe Arts, a collaborative fundraiser with Sierra State Parks Foundation- “Bear Box Project”, and an exhibition by Raley’s ONE Market in Truckee, CA, as voted “Truckee’s Favorite Artist,” and lastly, one of her favorite on-going projects is called “Don’t Trash It.” She looks forward to future collaborative projects and opportunities.

“My art practice is driven by a desire for freedom, freedom to act independently, freedom to advocate, freedom to share visually captivating ideas. In a capitalistic world that often feels rigid in acceptance and hinged to exhausting conformity, I choose to create as a method for feeling completely unhinged. In the creative space, I feel an expanse for freedom, which is why I believe that my artwork will always continue to evolve. There are an infinite number of ideas worthy of exploration in our minds, as well as an infinite number of ways to express those incredibly valuable ideas artistically. The limits are few in contrast to the expanse. This principle, of disregarding limits, is one I try to subliminally and overtly impress to the people in my life. Painting and visual arts happen to be ways I choose to express ideas.”